A new frontier in cross-sectoral collaboration in public health / by Terry Huang

I recently completed my MBA at the IE Business School in Madrid, Spain and have had some time to think about what I want to do with my MBA. In my view, there is a lot of opportunity to leverage public, academic and private partnerships to identify, incubate and accelerate social and public health innovations. One of the things I am trying to do in my university role is to build a platform for prevention entrepreneurship so that we can incorporate and test business models as part of public health strategies and interventions. The idea is to think about implementation and scale-up right from the outset, and to explore all financing tools that could help shape and grow an idea in different stages of development. Public health grants are still important, but it is nowhere near enough to help bring public health innovations to the broader population. I gave a talk at a UN Global Compact event some weeks back and was struck by a sense of thirst and excitement in the audience about working together across different sectors. Unfortunately, the network of such eager minds is not yet strong and dynamic enough to facilitate true exchange and collaboration. We need to change that. A new platform for prevention entrepreneurship can bring together those who are interested in going outside the conventional box to shape and lead the world of tomorrow -- so that the the public can be brought back into public health and that innovations can make health more accessible and beneficial to all.